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Gestalt is a unique Flemish musical project. It has been labelled the 'Flemish Goethes Erben' or 'Dead Can Dance'. Actually Gestalt has a very personal style.

The music can be described as 'dark atmospheric'. Soundscapes with influences of gothic, folk, film scores and experimental. One moment theatrical, the other intimate and filled with melancholy. Lyrics are mostly Dutch spoken word, magical stories and poetic imagery, mixed with some philosophical thoughts. Listen to complete tracks on MySpace.

After the first demo tape in 1995 (yes, back then we still produced tapes!), Bart De Poorter made an alliance with poetess Arsizoë to realise the project Adamas, a 'gothic opera'. It's a mystical queste, a clash of strange worlds and peculiar creatures. Four musical pieces of fifteen minutes combine ambiant, trance and gothic-medieval scores to an esoteric unity.

If you have ever seen the band play live, you're an exception. Performances were very few and the last time Gestalt was seen on stage was in 1998 on the Nights of the Abyss together with the medieval musical duo Ultreya. Nowadays Gestalt also features Peter De Koning as a member of this slumbering studio project.

For the tenth anniversary of Gestalt Adamas was remastered to cd-r and a remix-cd appeared: 'Club'! Heyaeb, Propulsion, Empusae, Intens, Crossvaults and Hedera helix each remixed a Gestalt track in their own magnificent way.